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Application: tablets

Manufacturer: British Dragon

Dosage: 10mg


Buy tamoxifen Citrate online,Tamoxifen citrate can cause harm to an unborn or breastfeeding baby. Do not use the drug while pregnant. Use proper birth control methods to prevent pregnancy during treatment. You should also prevent pregnancy two months after the end of treatment.
For the prevention of breast cancer, you may need to take the first dose when having menstrual period. A pregnancy test may also be needed before treatment starts. Follow the instructions of the doctor keenly.

Buy tamoxifen Citrate online

The use of Tamoxifen citrate can increase the risk of uterine cancer, blood clot, or stroke. Talk to your prescribing doctor regarding the risks of using the medicine. To ensure the medicine is not harming you, the doctor may require you to have mammograms and also to perform breast self-exams regularly. The liver function will also be tested. Don’t miss scheduled appointments with your doctor.Use Tamoxifen citrate exactly as prescribed. Don’t take smaller or larger doses than directed. Use the proper dose measuring device to measure the liquid medicine. Your pharmacist will provide you with the right device.

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You can take Tamoxifen citrate with food or without. You may be required to stop using the medicine for a while if you need medical tests, surgery or will be on bed rest. All the doctors and surgeons that treat you should know that you are using Tamoxifen citrate.

To get the most benefits, you need to use Tamoxifen citrate regularly. Get the prescription refilled before the medicine runs out completely. You may have to continue using this medicine for up to 5 years.


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